Policies and Information


A $20.00 registration fee per dancer is required to attend classes at Momentum Dance. This is a one-time fee that covers the cost of managing each individual account throughout the year. Any classes taken during this dance season will be covered under this registration charge. Depending on class availability and room in each class, we will accept registration after our scheduled registration dates. 



Tuition is based on an average of approximately 33 lessons per year from September-May. There is no extra monthly cost for months with 5 weeks, nor is there a reduction or discount for any months with less than 4 weeks. There is a yearly balance based upon total dance hours per week, that is paid in an average monthly fee (tuition). There is no change in your monthly tuition due to holiday closings or scheduled class cancellations as they have already been factored into the average number of classes. 



Monthly check or cash payments are due on the 1st of the month, but no later than the 5th (revised 9/2017) of the month. If your monthly tuition has not been paid in full by the 5th of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be added to your account and classes cannot be attended until fees are paid. A $20.00 late fee is charged per week after your account has been late an additional week after the original grace period. 

If you or your child are out of town, be sure to mail in your tuition to avoid late fees. Tuition is not due by your first class of the month, but by the 5th. Payments can also be left in an envelope in the hallway mailbox outside of the waiting room. 

Please make all checks payable to Momentum Dance. A NSF fee of $20.00 will be applied to NSF checks. All payments are non-refundable (This includes registration, deposit, previously paid tuition and costume balances.) No costumes will be given to students with overdue balances of any type. All accounts MUST be paid in full along with your tuition, for students to participate in the Showcase (to include the purchase of Showcase tickets.)



There are no refunds or discounted tuition prices for missed classes. The studio will make every attempt to arrange make-up classes for studio cancellations. The make-up classes will be at the discretion of the teacher.



All students who register in the fall are encouraged to participate in our Spring Showcase in June. Because all group dances are dependent upon each person's participation, Momentum Dance requires a written notification by December 1st for anyone not wishing to participate.  If this notice is not received you will be liable for Showcase costs to include costume deposits and Showcase fees.



Students will be measured for Showcase costumes during the fall months (October/November) as we try to have our orders placed no later than January 1st. Therefore, you must be prepared to make costume payments prior to this date. Also, there will be a $32.00 Showcase fee due per dancer, which will include a contribution to the Showcase and a keepsake Showcase t-shirt.  This fee is required and non-refundable for any dancer participating in the Spring Showcase. 



Upon registration you are authorizing, on behalf of your child, Momentum Dance to use his/her name, likeness, voice, professional information or other like information in producing, advertising, illustrating and/or selling for all productions produced for Momentum Dance.



There are no contracts or obligation to remain in a class. However, if a student chooses to discontinue any or all classes, a parent or guardian must visit the studio office to complete and sign a withdrawal form. This form must be completed during office hours with the office staff. Withdrawal may not be completed verbally with teachers over the phone. The form is required no later than 14 days before the 1st of the next month. If the withdrawal notice is not received, the student will be charged for a full month of classes and will continue to be charged monthly until a notice is received. 



In the event of a power outage or inclement weather, please check under the "Weather Announcement" section in our home page, or call 330.824.0099 to see if classes have been cancelled. The cancellation notice will be on the voicemail by 2:00pm. In these circumstances, please use your own discretion as to whether you will attempt to make the class.



Please be considerate and call if you or your child is unable to make it to class. Simply drop us an e-mail or leave a message on the studio voicemail. If you do not attend classes for more than 3 weeks, it is at owner's discretion whether classes may be attended again. If permitted, a registration fee may be required to re-register.



All students are required to wear appropriate dance clothing to every class. Jeans, baggy pants, khaki and denim shorts and sweat-suits are not acceptable. Two-piece dance apparel that shows the stomach is not allowed. Tights are required for all dancers. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floors. Students should be prepared for class with tights and shoes. Hair should be pulled back and out of face during dance class. Handouts will be provided, and available upon request, regarding specific dance class dress code per class and per class level.


Please be sure to drive slowly as your progress around the building the back of the building to park. Please be sure to also use the side entrance of the building as your main entrance through the year. Students should wait for the parents inside the studio and should not go outside until their rides have arrived. We ask that children be supervised at all times while outside the main entrance to the studio for safety.